Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Mario Batali is an Innocent Man WILL HE GET a FAIR 2nd CHANCE

Celebrity Chef MARIO BATALI

Celebrity Chef Mario Batali has been Exonerated of all Sexual Harassment Charges. Three investigations into sexual assault allegations against the celebrity chef Mario Batali have been closed because detectives could not find enough evidence to make an arrest, a New York Police Department official said Tuesday.
Three women had come forward to report that Mr. Batali sexually assaulted them years earlier at two Manhattan restaurants where he was an owner or an investor. In all three cases, the victims said they had been drinking and could not fully remember what had happened.
Charges could not be brought in two of the cases because they were beyond the New York State statute of limitations, which was lifted in 2006 but not made retroactive. Those investigations were closed sometime last summer, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of remaining anonymous as the official is not authorized to discuss the cases.
Prosecutors could not bring charges in the 3rd case because cold-case detectives in the Special Victims Division were unable to find enough evidence to prove that a crime had occurred. The case was closed in August 2018 , the official said.

The third woman claimed that she was raped 8 or 9 years ago after visiting the Spotted Pig Restaurant in Greenwich Village where Batali was an investor. The woman said that she had been drinking, and the next thing she recalled was waking up in the restaurant’s third-floor V.I.P. space, the infamous room that some of the employees dubbed The Rape Room.
“She couldn’t put the pieces together,” A New York City Police official said, "She couldn't put the pieces together," of her allegations. The police official also said, “Something happened to that victim in that room, but we don’t know if it’s criminal or not.”
Although the statute of limitations prevented Mr. Batali from being charged in the two earlier cases, prosecutors could have tried to use them in the third case as evidence of a pattern of sexual misconduct.
Mr. Batali is not completely off the hook; the cases could be reopened if more evidence emerges, the police official said. The New York City Police Department said Tuesday that it declines comment on details of any particular investigation.

Now, as this country (America) is supposed t be a just one, let's hope that the media spends as much time reporting the Exoneration of all Allegations against Mr. Batali. He has not been found guilty or even been charged of any criminal activity, yet his reputation and career have been Ruined, unjustly so. Isn't a person supposed to be Innocent until proven Guilty in The United States of America? Mario Batali has already been humiliated and persecuted in front of the entire World and especially in America, though he has committed No Crime., his reputation has been tarnished, and it is unlikely that though he has not been convicted of any crime at all, or even been charged, he has suffered greatly in the Court of Public Opinion. Is this just? We think not.

After these Sexual Harassment Allegations against Mario Batali, Mr. Batali was immediately fired by ABC from the show The CHEW where he was one of the hosts, Batali was humiliated in front of the World, and forced to remove himself from being present in any of his restaurants of which Batali, his talents and personality was the primary reason for the huge sucess of the Batali Bastianich Restaurant Empire who also own Eataly in New York, as well as restaurant around the country. Mario Batali has not been convicted of any crimes or even charged with any, yet he has beem Prosecuted in front of the general public of The United States of America, and the World. Batali has been exonerated by the New York City Police Department and the New York City Prosecutor, yet he has been ruined. Is this fare?

Question? Will Mario get a 2nd Chance?