Thursday, August 23, 2018

Preisident Trump is Usuing Public Funds to Campaign for Republicans at His Rallys


Trump Rally

Is Really Campaigning for Mid-Term Elecetions

On Taxpayers Dime

  WASHINGTON - Senior White House officials said today that "official" government events are part of President Donald Trump's  efforts to help Republicans in the next mid-term elections, an admission that Public Funds used for partisan political ends. A staff member in a conference call with journalists, who responded to whether Trump planned to visit the "purple" constituencies instead of the Republicans he preferred, said members of the cabinet, including the Secretary of Housing and Development Urban, Ben Carson, Agent of Environmental Protection Agency Andrew Wheeler and Energy Secretary Rick Perry are already doing so. "And even if these are official events and I want to be clear about official events, they obviously attract media attention," said the staff member, which the White House alone will identify as someone "familiar with the President's thinking" "You know, districts or those who hit the districts of the House of Representatives in August. More than 35 events in August have already made the cabinet and senior executives of the 35 presidential events with the house. and the places that Carson Secretary in District Mike Coffman in Colorado, Secretary Perry in the John Katko District of New York 24, Temporary Administrator Wheeler with David Young in Iowa 3, Ivanka Trump with Keith Rothfus and Mike Kelly in Western Pennsylvania. the districts are all in order and I'm using suburban and suburban quotes that indicate that the president does not spend much time, "said the staff member. "The presidential gatherings deserve a lot of attention, but there are many tools in this set of tools". A second member of staff, who is familiar with the president's thinking, according to the White House, has declared a recent trip to Trump "with" the representative Rod Blum of Iowa and the representative Mike Bost of Illinois. "Remember, just before August I was in Iowa and Illinois for Bost and Blum," the clerk said. Except that the journey of 26 July had no political events in the itinerary, only the "officers" paid entirely by the taxpayers. Despite this, Trump told the public at an American steel plant in Granite City, Illinois, the Democrats were supporting illegal immigrants, so voters should support the Republicans in November. "You have to vote for the Republicans, you guys, you have to vote for the Republicans," Trump told the new steel plant reopened. Craig Holman of the Citizen Watch Group said Trump and his White House could violate federal law. "The White House remarks made it clear that Trump and his associates are mixing campaigns with official work, which, if mismanaged, would violate reporting requirements, federal election law and federal laws that prohibit the use of official resources for activities country, "said Holman. In the Air Force One plane, returning from the Midwest, White House spokesman Hogan Gidley openly defended Trump's political exhortations in official government duties. "There is no legal prohibition for this to happen, the president can do it," Gidley said. "It is not surprising that the president wants members of Congress to support his program." The White House Wednesday criticized the release of this teleconference-based report. "It's bad luck, but in the end it's not surprising that a liberal publication like Huffington Post makes these false accusations and misinterprets the intent of the response," said vice-secretary Lindsay Walters. While the previous presidential administrations planned "official" events in cities where a fundraising or political gathering would be done to reduce the travel costs of the campaign, the former presidents took care not to make political statements. at official events. Trump showed little interest in making this distinction, consistently supporting candidates in "official" events and urging participants to vote for Republicans. "This is just the last set of what we've seen for much of this administration," said Holman. "Negligent negligence of laws aimed at preventing the use of taxpayer resources for purposes of interest.

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